Mess Room Steward JOHN MEARNS GRIEVE – died 22 January 1917
January 22, 2017
Flight Commander Pilot COLIN ROY MACKENZIE, DSO, twice MiD – died 24 January 1917
January 27, 2017


Service No:                                         280108

Regiment/Service:                          H.M.S. “Simoom.” Royal Navy

Memorial:                                           PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL


R Class Destroyer built 30th Oct 1916. Part of the Harwich Flotilla. Torpedoed and/or sunk by gunfire from German Destroyer S50 (6th Torpedo Flotilla) off Schouwen Bank light vessel. After “Simoom” was hit, she was scuttled by “Matchless”.

The destroyer Simoom HMS, Cdr. Inman, was sunk in an engagement between British and German destroyers in the Flanders Bight on the night of January 22nd, 1917. The ship belonged to the Harwich Force under Cdre. R. Y. Tyrwhitt which had put to sea on the 22nd to intercept a German flotilla, under command of Cdr. Max Schultz, which was known to be making for Zeebrugge from German ports. This flotilla consisted of eleven V, S and G destroyers, 570-650 tons.

The rival forces made contact between the North Hinder Light and the Maas at 2.45 a.m. on the 23rd. In the fight which ensued the S 50, which had lost touch at about 4 a.m. ran into a line of four British destroyers of which the Simoom was the leading ship. There was a sharp exchange of salvoes and the S 50 discharged a torpedo which struck the Simoom and exploded her magazine, causing heavy casualties. The S 50 then escaped in the darkness. The destroyer Morris took off all the Simoom´s survivors and she was then torpedoed and sunk by the Nimrod on Cdre. Tyrwhitt´s orders. The Simoom carried a complement of 90.

Simoom HMS was torpdoed by German destroyer S-50. The Harwich force including light cruisers Centaur, Conquest, Aurora, Penelope, Cleopatra, Undaunted and 18 destroyers was in action against the German 6th tbf off the Schouwen light vessel. After Simoom was hit, she was scuttled by destroyer Matchless.

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