1Does the company have an office in any other country than the UK?
No. We are based in, and run from, the UK. We have guides who lead tours who are based in France, Belgium and Holland.
2What standard of accommodation do you use?
Of course, the places in which we stay is one of the important elements of your tour. We choose the accommodation in which you, from those we may have suggested, have expressed an interest. This may be unique and traditional with character, or from well-known names or chains. We will work with you to identify accommodation which meets your needs and aspirations to help to make the tour what you had hoped it would be.
3Do we dine at the accommodations?
All breakfasts are taken in the accommodation. Lunches will normally be taken out on location during the day. We may take evening meals in the hotel in which we stay or we may identify something which would add another experience to the tour for the evening meal. We will discuss this with you as we prepare your tour. We may leave flexibility to you on a daily basis by not, after discussion with you (except on our group tours) including meals other than breakfast in the tour price.
4Can special dietary needs be accommodated?
Yes, but please notify us in advance. We have found that given enough notice, we can work with our accommodation to cope with any dietary needs.
5Do Eyewitness Tours provide airport transfers or travel and accommodation pre- and post-tour?
This is something we can discuss in preparing the tour. The choice is always yours to ask us to include this in the tour or not.
6What sort of vehicle do we travel in?
We use vehicles appropriate to the size of group. All seats have seatbelts. Luggage is stored in a rear compartment. All vehicles are air-conditioned or with forced air vents.
7How much driving do we do?
We design tours so that there is as little driving time as possible and plenty to see while aboard. This time is not wasted as it can give an insight into the area through which we travel but of course the prime consideration is to spend as much time as we can at the venues to which we are travelling. Inevitably, there are days when travelling between locations may involve more mileage. It is always worth remembering that these are 'tours' and not fixed-site holidays and this inevitably involves driving.
8How flexible are the daily itineraries? Can we request visits to special sites/sights?
This is your tour. It will be designed flexibly to meet your needs. Whilst the itineraries and inclusions are pre-arranged, we try to cater for an unscheduled stop or detour if it is possible. When practical, there will be times when we'll be altering the published itinerary at your request to visit sites of special interest that may crop up as we together discover something attractive to you during your tour. Having said this, please let us advise on what is practicable if we are to meet all of your pre-planned intentions.
9Are the tours suitable for children?
As this is planned with you, with your needs in mind, we would not recommend anything that would not be appropriate for every member of the group unless previously agreed.
10How much walking on a tour?
In cities, walking tours are offered by your guide. On European tours many historic cities prohibit motorised transport and we have to park some distance out of the centre. However, we would not take you by surprise with this. When planning the tour we will discuss with you distances and the amount of walking involved and then plan alternative transport, such as local horse-drawn carriage rides in some city centres, where required.
11Is there time to shop?
Of course! But we will NOT be taking you to 'commission' stops. I have had that done to myself in some countries and I resent it still that I naively allowed it to happen to me. It will not happen to you.
12Will I have time alone?
This is your tour. We will build into the time available experiences that help to give you the tour you wish. We do not wish to monopolise your time but we will always be available if needed to give advice during the tour.
13Who leads the tours?
All tours are led by Andy Thompson, Mike Scott or one of our team. However, you may have a request for an area about which a fellow member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides is much more experienced and skilled. With your agreement I will ask them to join us for this section of the tour. It will be much more value to you than me trying to bluff it!
14How do I make a booking?
The start point is to use the contact details on each page of the website to contact us. We will reply as quickly as we can though we may be on tour which may cause a brief delay. Our telephones are all linked so a message on one phone will reach us and we will get back to you right away. Emails may be just a little slower – but not much in today’s technologically swift moving world. We are catching up with it gradually.
15What happens if I have to cancel?
Please, see our cancellation policy in the Terms of Service at the foot of our webpages. We rarely have cancellations but if you do, through illness or any other reason, there would be a charge. We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance to cover any cancellations.


We hope that you should find the answers to most of your questions here. However, as we work with you to create your tour, we are always available to you to try to answer your questions personally. It is important that you are happy that you have a complete and transparent picture of what you are paying for and we aim to provide that quality of service to you.