Captain The Hon. HAROLD Vyvyan Alfred St. GEORGE HARMSWORTH – died 12 February 1918
February 12, 2018
Lieutenant ARNOLD JOHN St. LEGIER KERRY – died 14 February 1918
February 14, 2018


Aged                                     34

Unit                                       H.M.S. “Duchess.” Royal Naval Reserve

Awards                                 D S C

Buried at                              CLEETHORPES CEMETERY


Lieutenant Charles Vernon Crossley (Royal Naval Reserve) is awarded the DSC in February 1915 while mine sweeping off Scarborough. There are three violent explosions under the stern of his ship trawler #465 (Star of Britain). He controls the crew and then crawls into a confined space near the screw shaft, discovered the damage and stopped the leak sufficiently to enable the pumps to keep the water down and save the ship. Lieutenant Crossley will die on service at home of illness in February 1918.

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