Captain WILLIAM NELSON GRAHAM – died 22 May 1918
May 22, 2018
Captain John De Camborne PAYNTER – died 6 June 1918
June 6, 2018

Lieutenant ELLIS LOUIS GEORGE NEVILLE GRELL – died 5 June 1918

Aged                     27

Unit                       10th West Yorkshire Regiment attached 27th Punjabis

Buried at              LANDOUR GENERAL CEMETERY, India


He played two first class cricket matches for Trinidad & Tobago in 1910-11.

He had emigrated to Canada but at the start of the war returned to be commissioned in the West Yorkshires with whom he served in the 10th, 1st and 2nd battalions. He was wounded at Ypres in October 1916 and went to England to recover. As he did not fully recover he was sent to India for garrison duties, but he fell ill and died.

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