Mike at Warloy-Baillon

Between them, Mike and Andy taught for almost 40 years and thus are very experienced in engaging with audiences of all abilities, interest and knowledge! Whilst their presentations are generic each talk is tailored to the specific audience and thus is always relevant and engaging. Good speakers cover a subject in an interesting and appropriate way, great speakers use anecdotes and imagery to educate and entertain. Mike and Andy share a passion for their subject and enjoy bringing the topics they cover to life.

World War 1

  • The Causes of the Great War
  • Over by Christmas – the outbreak of war in 1914
  • The Christmas Truce
  • The Battles of 1915
  • The Somme The Battle of Passchendale
  • The Home Front
  • Life in the Trenches

World War 2

  • The U-Boat campaign
  • The Rise of Adolf Hitler
  • Blitzkrieg
  • The Battle of Britain
  • The Blitz
  • Dunkirk
  • D-Day & the Normandy Beaches
  • Market Garden (Arnhem)
  • The Home Front
  • Operation Barbarossa (the German attack on Russia 1941)

General Topics

  • Women at War
  • The Unknown Warrior
  • The Great Silence (reaction in Britain to the impact of WW1)
  • Blindfold & Alone (the story of the men shot at dawn)
  • The Story of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
  • The architecture and symbolism of the war cemeteries and memorials
  • The War Poets
  • The Cold War

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